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Are you tired of swiping left and right with no luck in finding your perfect match? Look no further! Groupon Speed Dating Calgary is here to help you meet like-minded singles in your area and finally discover that special someone.

Why choose Groupon Speed Dating Calgary?

1. Fun and Exciting Events: Our speed dating events are designed to create a fun and exciting atmosphere where you can meet and connect with a variety of interesting individuals. Say goodbye to boring and awkward first dates!

2. Guaranteed Matches: We carefully curate our events to ensure you are matched with people who share similar interests and goals. With our guarantee, you can feel confident that you’ll leave the event with potential matches.

3. Time-efficient Dating: With speed dating, you can meet multiple people in a short amount of time. No more wasted hours on lengthy conversations that lead nowhere. Meet, mingle, and make meaningful connections quickly.

Don’t waste any more time and join Groupon Speed Dating Calgary today. Start your journey to finding your perfect match and creating lasting memories. Sign up now!

Meet New People

Meet New People

Looking to expand your social circle and meet new people? Groupon Speed Dating Calgary is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Our events are designed for singles who are ready to mingle and find their perfect match.

Why choose Groupon Speed Dating Calgary?

Diverse Events

Diverse Events

We organize a variety of events tailored to different age groups and interests. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out or a more serious dating experience, we have something for everyone.

Fun and Interactive

Fun and Interactive

Our speed dating events are not your typical meet and greet. We create a fun and interactive atmosphere where you can engage with other singles through ice-breaker activities and meaningful conversations.

Safe and Confidential

Safe and Confidential

Your privacy and safety are our top priorities. Our events are held in reputable venues with strict security measures in place. You can feel confident knowing that your personal information will remain confidential.

What to expect:
1. Meet like-minded singles
2. Have meaningful conversations
3. Enjoy a fun and interactive experience
4. Expand your social circle
5. Find your perfect match

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet new people and potentially find love. Sign up for Groupon Speed Dating Calgary today and take a step towards a more fulfilling social life.

Is the Groupon Speed Dating event in Calgary open to all ages?

Yes, the Groupon Speed Dating event in Calgary is open to individuals of all ages.

How long does the Speed Dating event typically last?

The Speed Dating event usually lasts around 2 to 3 hours.

Can I bring a friend or wingman to the Speed Dating event?

Unfortunately, the Speed Dating event is designed for individuals to meet new people and establish connections one-on-one, so bringing a friend or wingman is not allowed.

What is the dress code for the Speed Dating event?

The dress code for the Speed Dating event is usually smart casual. It’s best to dress nicely to make a good impression.

How many dates can I expect to have during the Speed Dating event?

The number of dates you can expect to have during the Speed Dating event varies, but typically participants have around 10 to 15 mini-dates.

What is Groupon Speed Dating Calgary?

Groupon Speed Dating Calgary is an event where singles in Calgary can come together to meet and connect with potential romantic partners in a fun and organized setting.

How does Groupon Speed Dating Calgary work?

Groupon Speed Dating Calgary works by bringing together a group of singles in one location, where they are given a certain amount of time to engage in conversation with each other. At the end of each round, individuals mark down whether or not they would be interested in getting to know their partner further. If there is a mutual interest, contact information is exchanged and participants can connect after the event.

What kind of people attend Groupon Speed Dating Calgary?

People from all walks of life attend Groupon Speed Dating Calgary. It attracts a variety of individuals who are looking to meet new people and potentially find a romantic connection. The age range can vary, but typically participants are between the ages of 25 and 40.

Are there any success stories from Groupon Speed Dating Calgary?

Yes, there have been many success stories from Groupon Speed Dating Calgary. Participants have met their significant others and formed meaningful relationships as a result of attending these events. However, it’s important to note that not every participant may find a match, as it ultimately depends on individual preferences and chemistry.

What should I wear to Groupon Speed Dating Calgary?

It is recommended to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Most participants opt for smart casual attire, such as a nice shirt or blouse paired with jeans or dress pants. The key is to be yourself and present yourself in a way that reflects your personality.


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